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You need to make a choice.

You need to make a choice.

Newspaper headlines can be confusing with what’s good for you one minute being bad for you the next. It’s understandable that you feel confused, that is after all what the headlines are designed to do, to unsettle you. The difference between relative risk and absolute risk is often lost when it comes to drama hunting headline writers, they will pick the most dramatic.

The answer to all this though, is not apathy or blaming confusion for your lack of action. If you’re worried about weight gain and ill health then you need to make a choice.

Making a choice to follow an idea might just be the action you need. It is action, one way or another, that gets results. I have nothing against people who choose to eat a vegan diet, though I don’t think it is the answer for good health, but people who have chosen this diet have made a choice and that is to be commended. There are others who eat are carnivore diet, again it isn’t my choice, though I am probably not far off it. Again, they are to be commended for making a choice because ultimately they will find that it works for them or if it doesn’t.

Give something a chance but if it doesn’t work, change it.

This is the problematic rut that many of us have found ourselves in. Yo-yo dieting happened because we kept trying what ultimately didn’t work. Weight came back on, so we’d better just try that miserable low-fat calorie counting again. That’s the definition of madness is it not? Trying to do what you’ve always tried to do, and expecting something different in return?

If you’ve tried this approach before but you still find yourself unable to lose weight or if you can’t find the health you’d like, it is time to try something else. I would suggest a low-carbohydrate and high fat diet, eating real food and ditching the processed starch, sugar and fake seed oils.

I can say for sure that doing nothing and not making a choice will lead to exactly where you are now.

Eat the bacon.



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