Dr Suzie Edge on 21st century nutrition and health


These have been my resources so far. There are more links to come.

If I haven’t read it, watched it or listened to it, then it won’t be on the list. If you have any resources that you think I should check out and add then please feel free to shout about them.



The Diet Doctor site including their beginners guide.

The 2 keto dudes ketogenicforums

The 2 keto dudes themselves.

The keto woman podcast.



 The Magic Pill.  This is a huge eye opener. You can find it on YouTube (for a small fee) or on Netflix.

That Sugar Film is also well worth watching.

Anything from Low Carb Down Under . Take your bulletproof coffee, there are so many good informative videos from these guys.



The Diet Delusion (or Good Calories Bad Calories in the USA) by Gary Taubes. Can be a tough read at times but I believe he wrote a shorter one that’s an easier one to read called How We Get Fat.

The Case Against Sugar also by Gary Taubes is mind blowing.

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. I couldn’t recommend this more.

The Clever Guts Diet by Dr Michael Moseley is quite short and punchy and doesn’t go into the depths but it’s a good start with some interesting ideas to follow up on.

The Diet Myth by Tim Spector

The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung

Fat Chance by Dr Robert Lustig



The 2 keto dudes podcast (a good mix of chilled fun, science, rants and food).

The keto woman podcast.

The obesity code podcast (if you’re into fasting).