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Low carb diets set up your environment to cope

Low carb diets set up your environment to cope

When it comes to weight loss advice we are often told to stop and think about what we are about to do, when we reach for food and snacks. This is supposed to stop us from overindulging through mindfullness. Mindfullness is a big buzzword of the moment and it is another perfect thing to strive for and another thing to feel guilty about when we don’t get it right.

For years at home we had a page pulled from a magazine on our kitchen cupboard door. It was a picture of a young fit couple running on a beach in swimwear. It was supposed to make us stop and realise that we would not be fit and healthy (or young?!) if we ate what was in the cupboard. I would just open the cupboard door, swear at the picture and eat the food anyway.

Now, I find with a low carb diet that I have the space and ability to cope and have that conversation with myself because I am not hungry. Hunger is so overpowering, it gets in the way of that conversation and it drives the “OK, just this once and then I will start again tomorrow” self-deception. Low-fat, calorie counting and restrictive diets only ever made me hungry.

Without hunger I can now have rational conversations with myself about whether or not I actually want THAT food, and what hormonal effect it will have on my body. This is how I can have foods in the house (that my husband, kids or visitors might want) and how I can sit in the staffroom at work surrounded by chocolates and biscuits and how I can live on a street with a Chinese takeaway, without being remotely interested.

Low-carb healthy-fat diets kick hunger out of the park. Eat the bacon.


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