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Is the UK leading the way in a grass roots LCHF public health solution?

Is the UK leading the way in a grass roots LCHF public health solution?

This week has been a very positive one. Could the UK be leading the way in a grass roots low-carb public health solution?

Listening to the KetoWoman Podcast at the end of last week was a treat. Daisy and Louise had been at the Public Health Collaboration meeting in London and recorded a special episode at the conference. It is well worth a listen as they talk to doctors, nurses, personal trainers and dietitians, all coming together to try and solve the current public health problems. It certainly feels like there is a bit of momentum in health and public health promotion. In other parts of the world it is still proving tricky for clinicians to recommend a low-carb diet without a backlash. Gary Fettke, the ortho surgeon from Tasmania, is still fighting.

Tim Noakes today received his second acquittal after an appeal brought by the group of dietitians keen to shut down his low-carb advice in South Africa. What a fantastic result for this amazing man and what a relief. Now is the time to move forward.

At prime time on the BBC a programme called The Truth about Carbs was aired. For some it didn’t quite go far enough but it really did lead to the conversation some of us need to have. I had friends who contacted me after this show aired suggesting that I might not be quite so mad after all. One thing it did highlight was David and Jen Unwin‘s work (and that of their surgery) in treating patients with diabetes and reducing their medication spend with a low-carbohydrate solution.

For me it has been really positive. I posted a blog post and a link to a BBC news report on Facebook and have loved the discussion and responses, especially the reports from friends who have lost weight and lowered their HbA1c with a low carbohydrate way of eating. If you’re interested then do some reading. My blog is light on research results just now though I intend to start posting interesting research. For now, check out dietdoctor.com

It’s not all great news. Another message from a friend was telling me of the terrible experience she had at an NHS funded eat-well event where she felt patronised, demoralised and wondering where to turn. I feel for her and those who are struggling. But amazingly, as I was writing this I received another message from a friend who was embracing low-carb and who is also a GP now suggesting it to patients. Happy days.

Whilst there are barriers and whilst there is still influence from sources we would rather not have influence (I’m still flabbergasted that the last Conservative Party Conference was sponsored by Tate and Lyle) it will not be easy to turn around this public health disaster of obesity, Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, PCOS and perhaps depression and Alzheimer’s. If needs be, change will have to come from the grass roots, rejecting the authority that has fed this crisis – because you can be pretty sure it isn’t coming from above. In the UK, it feels like this may be happening.


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