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Getting started with your ketogenic diet : Part II

Getting started with your ketogenic diet : Part II

After I received a few questions about how to get started with losing weight on a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet, I wrote Getting started with your ketogenic diet : Part I,  giving my thoughts on which foods to eat and avoid.

Now for a ten point action plan, or what to do next:

  1. Take a start weight and write it down and record the date.
  2. Measure: waist, chest, hips, mid-thigh and write it down.
  3. Make a shopping list using the “which foods to eat and avoid” list here, thinking about breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the next week.
  4. Go shopping.
  5. Download a food tracker app.
  6. Start tomorrow with eggs for breakfast (with butter and cream) maybe even some bacon.
  7. Only come back for lunch when you are actually hungry.
  8. Start an Instagram account, follow some low carb/keto people for ideas, inspiration and community
  9. Tag me on IG (@keto.edges) or on Twitter (@edgesuz) and let me know that you’re giving it a go, because support is important.
  10. Understand that ditching sugar, like any addiction, can be tough at first but it can be very worth it.

Some more places to go…

  1. I always suggest visiting dietdoctor.com because it is great, in fact much much better than my offerings. There are more getting started tips and videos and there are recipes also.
  2. Instagram – I have already mentioned IG because for me it has been a useful community for support and ideas and despite it being IG, they are not coming from skinny teens who don’t get the problem, there are many normal people like us, trying to lose weight. Find me @keto.edges.
  3. Pinterest can be inspiring. Of course, it is all the beautiful pictures in one place but there are some recipes and inspiration. On Pinterest you can find more and more complicated recipes for things like fatbombs and fake breads, these aren’t necessary but can be fun if you are a foody.
  4. Ketogenicforums.com is a forum all about keto diets where lots and lots of questions can be answered.
  5. Podcasts can be really informative and inspiring. Search within the music store for keto or low carb podcasts but I would suggest 2 Keto Dudes and Keto Woman podcast are good places to start.

Let me know how you are getting on.



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