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Crap Nutrition School 101

Crap Nutrition School 101

I was just flicking through a book that I used as a junior doctor when I first started working. Oxford Handbooks are the pocket sized bibles for anyone starting in medicine. Page 87 got me thinking – the page of nutritional requirements. At the top of the page are carbohydrates, “found in almost all food” it says. It quotes a daily requirement of 300g and the deficiency of carbohydrates is called malnutrition.

Oh come on. This is crap Nutrition School 101.

Lots of people in the nutrition world like to point out that doctors have very little in the way of nutrtional training at medical school. They are right. I recall only one undergraduate lecture, memorable because I had an interest in nutrition and it seemed odd not to do more at med school. They talked about The Framingham Heart Study and they said that “it is hard working in clinical obesity management because fat people never take the advice given”.

Ignoring nutrition science in medical training is completely rediculous. Bad nutrition and blind faith in bad guidelines got us into the big fat mess that we are in.
Why is this ignored in favour of learning only about drug treatments, I wonder?



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