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…but you “just can’t cut out a whole food group”.

…but you “just can’t cut out a whole food group”.

Every day I hear the scoffing phrase “you just can’t cut out a whole food group” or “you just can’t demonise a food group”. It is an inbuilt, long-ago-learned phrase that you will often hear said against those improving their health by reducing their carbohydrate intake. I have heard it a lot recently in response to the recent BBC documentary “The Truth about Carbs”.

At first it makes me laugh and then it makes me so frustrated. What do you think you/we/all of us have been doing to FAT for decades? Exactly that, cutting out a whole food group, demonizing a whole food group. And how did that go for us? 435 million people with diabetes and one third of the world’s population obese or overweight. That’s not to mention those suffering with hypertension and stroke, heart disease, gout, PCOS, metabolic syndrome and maybe even some cancers and Alzheimer’s (blog on that to come).

And you never hear yourself saying these words to vegetarians or vegans, who for their own reasons have chosen to improve their health by cutting out whole food groups and probably not, only because these are more socially acceptable.

Here’s the thing though. Fat is an essential nutrient. We need fat in our diet (proper fat, not the processed seed oil crap). What we don’t need, and what you might not have heard before, is that there is NO essential requirement for carbohydrate. There is no disease of carbohydrate deficiency. Our bodies can and do make the tiny amount of glucose required from fat and protein.

I’m not saying I never eat any of it. I’m not a carnivore and I eat plenty of broccoli and green beans, but I don’t subscribe to the “but the children need the sugar for energy” bollocks.

We SHOULD be demonizing the processed, sugary, starchy food group – or we will remain fat and sick.

Eat the bacon.


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