Navigating a wonky world by Suzie Edge


When I am asked what I do, I struggle to come up with a reasonable answer. I have done many things, chopping and changing, zigging and zagging. I have quit my day job a few times, each time to explore something new. I have degrees in Medical Molecular Biology, in Medicine and in Modern History. I have been in the Territorial Army and played rugby drunk and sober. I have served beers in bars and have been a factory worker making car engines. I’ve worked as a doctor on an orthopaedic ward assisting with trauma cases and joint replacements (similar to making car engines if I’m honest). I have worked in a bookshop, selling books to libraries (not too tricky as it happens). I have run my own commercial photography studio and on another day I have earned a blue belt in the Martial Art of Sooyang Do. I am a mother and a wife and a dog owner. I have never, despite my best efforts, ever been able to draw horses.

Writing has remained the one constant through all the changes.

My work has been published by The BMJ and The Scottish Mountaineer and I have featured in The Sun, The Herald, The Deeside Piper and The Press and Journal Newspapers.

There’s more to come.