Dr Suzie Edge on 21st century nutrition and health



My name is Suzie, I am a frustrated doctor living in the UK and I believe that we have got it all so very wrong.

Years of advice that everybody should eat a low-fat, high-carb diet is making us all fat and sick.
At work, one of my jobs is to write medications on hospital drug charts. It is an endless list of antihypertensives, diabetes medication, pain medications for arthritis, PPIs and antidepressents. Our lifestyles got us to this point and we have little control over it all. It is all about money, big industries, advertising and fake food and you are I have been getting sick because of it.

The immediate answer is to ditch the sugar and the processed carbohydrates and processed oils and eat more real food and real fat, much more. It really is that simple but not necessarily easy.

This may surprise you but the suggested links between high dietary fat and heart disease have not been proven. Evidence for any of the low-fat guidelines being used for the last 40 years is shockingly lacking. It’s no surprise we have an obesity, diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome crisis and a health service struggling to cope with our bulging waistlines.

How has that low-fat calorie-counting been going for all of us over the years?

There are two sides to this fierce argument. If you are reading this, munching on your Special K, and are offended by it, then I need  to ask you to show me the evidence. Then I will show you mine.




Remember though, I’m not your doctor and we probably have not met, so it’s probably best to speak to your own doctor about your diet and lifestyle changes.